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“We’re all about food, fun, and service.  Come dine with us” Zacatecas is located inside one of downtown Neenah's Historic buildings. We invite you to enjoy world class cuisine and discover the complex tastes of Mexico. Zacatecas swings casual, yet offers an elegant bar & tequila lounge and warmly set dining area to make you feel at home. During your visit enjoy the classic and modern Mexican rhythms played overhead. The historic brick  walls radiate sun-baked colors and the playful art captures your eyes. We aspire to offer you a journey of the traditions throughout Mexico. At Zacatecas we use only the freshest ingredients, often organic-grown, to bring you the bold flavors  that tantalize your tongue - just as it does in Mexico! Expect only the highest quality specialty meats, fresh fish & seafood and premium Mexican avocados to adorn your plate.  Buen Provecho!!!! Venture into the tequila  lounge to enjoy one of our premium tequilas or one of our fresh fruit infused tequila cocktails from our extensive selection. Request our unrivaled  'made from scratch ' Margarita or your favorite cocktail from our full bar.  Salud!!!!  
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